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August 2018
Over six members in the lobby... Now what?
Split into multiple teams in different lobbies
 50% [ 2 ]
Stay together and go into groundwar
 50% [ 2 ]
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PostSubject: Communication!!!!!   Thu Jan 07, 2010 10:56 pm

I am very frustrated and disappointed with our communication. Don't get me wrong it is getting better but it is not where it should be. Was rolling 6 deep with TAS on Terminal was once again frustrated. When we entered the match everyone took up their positions. Everything was going smoothly until a TAS member would go down there was no metion of being down and when respawned did not return to his position. Took point somewhere else when not needed. I look at my UAV all the time and I noticed when the hallway was open or when the back side was open. Nothing was said during the match. I spent majority of time running back and forth between positions to cover them. Granted I should of said something but lately even when I do it doesn't seem to work. We need more order and structure. I am not putting blame on anyone and I am not trying to piss anyone off but our communication must improve. If we can pull together as one single unit I see TAS as a force to be reckoned with.
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PostSubject: Re: Communication!!!!!   Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:05 am

Yes, this should be worked on, I agree it has gotten way better then it used to be. I feel we are becoming an elite force. But some games are just WTF moments. Where we get spawned under pavelows, in front of 3 enemys, right under a predator just to die again etc.

Not to push the headphones issue again, but I guess I am. If everybody bought the headphones the voice system of PSN is drastically improved and it would make the communication of fireteams a lot better.
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PostSubject: RE: Communication & Headphones...   Fri Jan 08, 2010 4:29 pm

I will not agree that headphones will improve the communication on the team,
utilize what you have available to you.
What will improve the team communication is talking, letting the team know when you have been taken down, how many of the opposition are coming and from which direction. Vital things are not done between the team, this includes being able to stay calm and communicate between all of each other. If one person feels that he has to run back and forth or cover multiple positions...
Tuff shit, it happens. Suck it up. Be prepared for the worst and make the best out of every situation. When soldiers go into combat sometimes they have intel and sometimes they do not, they may or may not have maps, but what they do have is every intention of completing the mission and staying alive... And once again if that means running back and forth and cover multiple positions so be it.
I have ZERO problems with covering anything or doing anything. The teams have shown massive improvements in communication, teamwork, patience and overall gameplay. No matter what the situation is chaos can still happen, this is just part of what the enemy does and then ultimately effect our strategies.
To say to worry about yourself would be wrong, but to know where you stand and the level of your gameplay shows if you can do all of these things and more... I remember when I was 18 and a machinist with my brother making main bearing caps for gm & ford...
We started of just doing basic things and before long we were operating compacting and coining presses, cnc machines and furnace loading all while making sure the products were up to spec using micrometers and not to mention running three machines at once to make sure we rotated people out for there brakes... My point is that no matter what your true colors show in everything you do and do not go unheard. TAS clan members are ELITE and striving to be the best of the best, but to do that we all do have to work and operate as a unit which we are more than ever and we are still fresh to certain aspects of the game and even our own strategies and conditions that we make for our own squad. So, keep up the good work and stay frosty.

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PostSubject: Re: Communication!!!!!   

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